At Integrated Medical Care we believe that there is more than one path that leads to good health. In fact, you may need multiple paths to get where you want to be: enjoying a high quality of life with the energy and motivation to fully participate in your daily experiences.

Our unique approach features the best of what both Western and Eastern medicines have to offer. Relying on sophisticated laboratory testing, your care will be guided by a board-certified MD with over 32 years in private practice. From there, Japanese acupuncture, Chinese herbal therapies, powerful nutritional supplements and homeopathic remedies may be part of your individualized treatment. The ideal combination for each patient is different.

Integrated care can be restorative and supportive for many health issues.
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April 15th, 2015

The Transition of Menopause

In the Chinese model the cycles of a woman’s life are progressive of seven years. So every seven years there’s a new cycle and a new change in their life and when you reach the “seven by seven,” which is 49, the oriental model looks at that being the time that the reproductive energy wanes. As you reach that age your body has become weaker and probably needs to conserve its energy. In its wisdom the concept is that women will stop having menstrual cycles  to conserve the blood. Now, in the Chinese model, the concept of blood is that it’s your fluid, your nutrient, kind of the supportive nourishment to your body, and your body’s wisdom is such that it wants to stop loosing that because its no longer necessary for reproduction. However, generations ago when people didn’t live much beyond that time frame, it really had less effect read more

April 7th, 2015

Post Cancer Management

Supportive Care for Cancer – The next Step With the completion of your cancer treatment, the work of recovery and rejuvenation commences. Certainly, supportive care is essential to help you sustain your energy, digestion and the correct attitude during treatment. With the conclusion of chemo /radiation utilizing diet, acupuncture, herbs and lifestyle can provide the essential tools to allow you to regain the quality of life you desire. Helping your body recover can be challenging but IS possible.   Listen to the full podcast episode here

April 1st, 2015

Infertility Awareness

I am finding that there are two categories of infertility that I see primarily in my practice. I do find that most reproductive gynecology and endocrinologists have a great support of using acupuncture when they’re doing IVF to support patience. What I have found is that working together, there can be an improvement in the chances of getting pregnant by doing some, what would be considered, straight forward aspects in the Chinese model. The two kinds of infertility that I normally see are, first, the group of women in their 20s and 30s, that everything seems to be going really well, it’s all normal and they just can’t seem to get pregnant. That group of people really needs to have their system much more balanced. What I find is that they usually have some change in their normal menstrual cycle – maybe a day longer, a day shorter, a longer read more