My name is Dr Butch Levy; a medical physician and practitioner of Chinese Medicine with forty plus years of patient experience. My practice has evolved from a family medicine clinic to providing integrative care for those with complex diseases.

Complex Diseases

Once a medical diagnosis is made, the complexity of the symptoms and systems involved cannot be addressed with a single treatment approach. Traditionally, a disease name may point to specific signs and symptoms, but it does not specify the level or severity of an individual’s disease or the related causative factors.

Identifying and Evaluating Environmental Burdens and Hidden Infections

Environmental burdens and hidden infections comprise the initiating causes of chronic disease; resulting in chronic inflammation and oxidative stress. But beyond this, there is also collateral damage to many bodily systems. These include mitochondrial dysfunction, hormonal imbalance,  impaired immunity, nutritional depletions, poor detoxification and more. Evaluating when and how to treat each of these issues can determine your success in healing and recovery. It requires a broad perspective with attention to detail. Traditional laboratory testing, hormone screening, GI functioning, mold evaluations, heavy metal testing and immune antibody evaluations can provide necessary information to assess the current problems and set a priority for treatment.

Length and Scope of Treatment

An important issue is the length and scope of your treatment. If your illness has been ongoing for years, two factors come into play: first is the level of bodily depletion and secondly the resulting system imbalances. Commonly, improving the systems with supplements, acupuncture and herbs requires several weeks at a minimum. It’s a lengthy process taking three to six months before significant improvement can be expected.

Telemedicine Consultations Available

I would be happy to discuss your illness in a brief telemedicine visit. Then review your past history and previous treatments, update needed information and data and discuss the short term goals and long term prognosis. 

Healing is a matter of time, but is also sometimes a matter of opportunity.


Butch Levy, MD, Dipl, Ac
Integrative Consultations for Chronic Illness

Uncover the initiating causes and effects attributed to chronic illness. Integrate Western, Chinese and Functional Medicine evaluations, combined with natural therapies for supportive care and treatment.

Virtual office visits are available via Zoom.

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ABOUT Dr. Levy

 His direction utilizes his diverse skill set to provide expertise in:

  • Cognitive Decline with Aging
  • Supportive Care for Cancer
  • Auto-Immune Diseases
  • Chronic Infections
  • Pain


If you experience Chronic Illness, your time is often occupied with practitioner visits, additional testing and the vast array of supplemental  treatments attempting help reduce or control disabling symptoms.

To achieve success beyond just symptom relief, requires a recognition that complex diseases are initiated by complex causes. And these causes left unchecked, cascade into unwanted consequences on the immune, hormonal, detoxification, energy and metabolic systems. I recognize from my four decades of clinical practice, that no one paradigm can resolve these multi-factorial causes and effects. The greatest opportunity for improvement requires a combination of healing traditions.


My goal therefore is twofold: pinpoint these multiple disease instigators and their effects and develop a personalized treatment that offer an integration of my Eastern and Western healing approaches to promote recovery.

Butch Levy MD, L.Ac

Dr. Levy’s direction of treatment uses multiple modes:

  • Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture
  • Nutritional Supplementation
  • Diet Modifications

These modalities of treatment are all supported by laboratory evaluations and western medications if necessary.

vector Leaf Stethoscope and clipboard

Bridging the east and the west

Declining cognition, poor digestion, disrupted sleep, chronic fatigue, allergies and pain are all symptoms of persistent inflammation. 

Current models of treatment have a limited impact on providing sustained improvement and recovery. Therefore, complementary alternative therapies become necessary to create a real change in improved health.

Types of treatment

Dr. Levy’s direction of treatment uses multiple modes:

  • Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture
  • Nutritional Supplementation
  • Diet Modifications

These modalities of treatment are all supported by laboratory evaluations and western medications if necessary.


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Dr. Levy welcomes new patients and the challenge of helping improve one’s health.

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